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6 Tips For Sleeping Better (Fix Sleep Problems)

Posted by Kandid li on

Did you know that something that you probably consume daily has a significant impact on your sleep even if you only have one serve of it at 7am in the morning? Have a guess at what you think that it might be in the comments below and keep watching to find out what it is. In this video, you’ll learn 6 tips for sleeping better that can help you fix sleep problems, feel more energized, and be more productive during the day. The tips are all backed by solid research but I’ve also personally adopted all these 6 tips myself and seen incredible improvements in my own sleep, to the point where if I now look back to how my sleep was before it’s almost absurd. By implementing these 6 tips, my average time in deep sleep has gone from 30-60 minutes to 90-120 minutes. I fell asleep much quicker hence I have much better sleep efficiency and total sleep time. I’ve even started waking up before my alarm goes off about 50% of the time and feeling fresh and rejuvenated when I do. These 6 tips are all grounded in small habits, some of which can be harder to give up or change than others, but they all have a significant impact on your sleep.


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