First thing's first, and to share a little about ourselves - KANDID came along as a result of our founder's constant issues with exposure to artificial blue light from staring too much into digital screens (laptop/cellphone, TV, etc...), whether it was for work or leisure, especially at night time. After trying a variety of sleeping supplements, meditation techniques, relaxing music, youtube audios, suppressing caffeine intake, you name it, to fall asleep faster and STAY ASLEEP hoping to wake fully rested, she started noting that on nights she stayed staring into these devices for a considerable amount of time, it was nearly impossible to doze of. The days she avoided the use, the sleeping struggle was almost nonexistent. HOORAY! Poor sleeping patterns is sometimes ignored in terms of how much it actually affects our brain, mood, irritability, depression, and forgetfulness - to name a few.

The quest that led to Blue Light Blocking glasses

Let's be honest, as much as the trend has risen over the past year regarding blue light, she couldn't ignore the curiosity over this product and decided to learn about it and give it a try. Digital devices are constantly in front of us in this day and age and sometimes we cannot avoid the exposure all day, so why not look for an easy, affordable, no side effects solution?

Ever since February 2020, blue light blocking glasses has turned our grumpy, slouchy and poor sleeping habits complaints into brighter, better mood days!  These lenses are also designed to ease headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision and just tired eyes all day due to too much screen time. This is why we believe in the product and want to help people like you be in touch with the benefits of blocking artificial blue light from digital screens and giving our eyes some TLC!

This is just the beginning, we look forward to providing a range of useful products that will enhance your days with the simple things. All of our products are selected after extensive research to ensure that our inventory fits our vision of improving lifestyles.

Happy shopping!

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